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Meet the Needs of Industry


Meet the needs of industry stakeholders through product testing, sensory evaluation, experimental design, research projects, and product commercialization.

Educate our Students


Educate our students, undergraduate and graduate, so that they are best prepared for their future in the food industry upon graduation.

Strengthen our student internship program


Strengthen our student internship program to provide experience based learning for our students, as an internship is mandatory for undergraduate students to graduate and is recommended for graduate students.

Identify our customers' needs


Identify our customers' needs and operate based on the principle that we will be successful if we make our customers successful. Our customers are students, industry stakeholders, private citizens, government, university faculty, and staff.


Increase industry research.

Our lab has conducted research projects with food industrial companies in the past and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to conduct additional projects with potential collaborators. Please contact us if you would like to partner with us on any research projects in the upcoming year.

Increase the quantity of industry sensory panels.

We have an outstanding sensory evaluation laboratory team consisting of Dr. Wes Schilling, Dr. Yan Campbell, Dr. Courtney Crist, and many graduate students. If you have any need for sensory troubleshooting, consumer panels, or trained panels, we can conduct projects to meet your needs. Please visit our website,, to view our sensory facility and read about our capabilities.

Increase the number of industry partnerships.

Increase the number of industry partnerships by 50% between August 16th, 2017 and August 15th, 2018 to provide our students with a diverse selection of internships in support of experience based learning within our curriculum. Please contact Christine Cord at (662) 325-3200 or for more information.

Increase private giving to our laboratory group.

Private gifts may be designated for research conducted by both undergraduate and graduate students, which more efficiently prepares them for their future in the food industry. Our lab group depends on grants and financial gifts to increase the quantity of students and research projects in our laboratory. If you would like to make a 100% tax-deductible gift for this purpose, please contact our development director, Jud Skelton at (662) 617-0946 or click here. Donations should be designated to the Schilling Advancement Fund (#311253).