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Dr. Wes Schilling, Professor

Location: Room 104, Herzer Building
Phone: (662) 325-9456 or (662) 325-3200
Fax: (662) 325-8728

Sensory Service Center

The James Garrison Sensory Lab facilitates research programs that M.S. and PhD students use to conduct different types of sensory tests to understand consumer acceptability and sensory descriptive attributes. Examples of this research encompass the relationships between meat quality measurements and sensory quality, the relationships between the concentration of aroma compounds and product acceptability, and the relationships between instrumental texture measurements and product acceptability. In addition, research activities include the evaluation of sensory shelf life, and evaluating the overall quality of foods with sensory acceptability included as a portion of the total research project. Specific examples include evaluation of dry cured ham quality and the effects of low-atmospheric stunning on rigor mortis and sensory quality. This research also consists of contract sensory testing that is requested by companies that have sensory needs. In addition, this facility offers support for other researchers in the areas of food science, animal science, poultry science, and human nutrition. This research includes sensory difference testing, consumer testing and trained sensory analyses and is used to examine how nutrition, genetics, food processing, ingredient technology, and nutritional enhancement impacts sensory properties and sensory acceptability. Click here to learn more.